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As the director of marketing for Grow N' Go, FVHS's Virtual Enterprise firm, I was in charge of producing the video commercial that has represented the company at trade shows and events on display in our booth. Furthermore, we won the Top 5 Gold Standard Video Commercial at the San Diego Trade Show 2017. 

Grow N' Go promotional commercial

During the summer of '16, I started up FLWR Apparel with my best friend. From there, I gained real-life experience of handling a business by customer service, website design, marketing, communicating and collaborating with companies, building connections, and accounting.

Through hard work and dedication, we gained attention from customers in our area -- and even beyond California. Next thing we knew, my best friend and I were receiving orders from different states across the country. Seeing satisfied customers, whom I've never met before, representing FLWR, gives me such an extraordinary feeling inside of pride and achievement. Although FLWR Apparel is on pause at the moment due to schoolwork, we plan to bring it back in the future.

DIrector of marketing

Besides producing the commercial on Adobe Premiere, I have designed branding on Adobe Illustrator, which received placed top 25% in the nation.

I am part of Grow N' Go's business plan team. I discuss about the marketing portion of the company and answer Q&A questions from the judges, who are usually business executives or professors. Recently, we won the top firm for our regional competition at the OC Department of Education. Grow N' Go is one of the few OC companies that moved forward to state level, where we won top 8 business plan in the state. We have plans of possibly going to Manhattan, New York for business plan as well. 

The position includes talking to crowds of 200+ people (ex. elevator pitch on right). Our elevator pitch placed us into top 25% in the nation out of 579 business companies.

Social Media coordinator

Grow N' Go 

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